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New Layout and Add-ons!

Hello everyone! Actually, I have plenty things to tell you guys, but I totally forgot some of them. Like Nana unnie said, in Dorkies Land, we're 4000 years old XD! Firstly, I would like to BOW to you guys and thank you very much for wishing us for our 4th year anniversary. Actually, it was my fault. DD's original anniversary is on 17th of May 2006, but I mistook it and said it's on 17th of June. miannnnnnn~ *bows*

But anyway, yeah, 2010 is our 4th year anniversary for Dorkistic Design. As we're feeling proud to see other sites celebrating their 1st year anniversary like Artsy Asian Crew, Lost Shadows, Versahtyle, I-Deas and many others coming up, we don't realize that we're also getting older this year. Personally, this umma is the proudest person on earth to see our affiliates are celebrating their anniversary. I can still remember our first year, when I only work here alone, with some help from my dearest friend, Amz (whom is staying in Vietnam now. Amz, I miss u!) we hardly have visitors and even affies. But last year was our busiest year, whereby we received at least 10 request per week, and almost 100 requests that year. We're always off our deadline, but we're glad that people still have their faith on us and keep on requesting.

Ahh, it gets emotional...hoho..anyway, it is our hope that Dorkistic will stay alive for the next few years, and we hope that new sites that just opened will celebrate their first year anniversary soon ^^

Okay, back to business. Below is the add-ons requested by Chellie, Samantha, Eugene, Amber and Zhenyie:



chellie-wallie.png (907 KB)




Others will come up soon!!! *hwaiting!*

Ah, hope you like our new layout. It's so simple..yeah..I know... but we're featuring U-Kiss again since we're having a project on them this month. CLICK HERE and submit your messages to u-kiss!

magnae-dongwoon.png (791 KB)
eh? magnae? who? check Dorkistic's FACEBOOK!

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