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ANNOUNCEMENT (June 25th, 2010)

Hello everyone! This is Chazz. I have an announcement to make. Thank you for requesting! I've updated the pending list, and just for your info, I'll be pursuing my study (Diploma in Education) this Friday. Therefore, I'm quite busy to settle things at school, and of course, packing my stuff. I hope you can wait for a while until I finished your request.. let's hope the orientation days won't be too long XD

and oh, to those who have problems with the layout, please email me with your log in ID and password and I'll set them up for you. sorry for the inconvenience..maybe the new Blogger is slightly different and you cannot use the tutorial that I gave you XD

We have a serious problem of hotlinking. Please read the rules thoroughly before sending your request. I might turn into an evil mom and will just ignore your request if you use a hotlinked images.

To all our friends from Malaysia, do check out YEZZ Magazine! One of Dorkistic's design is featured in their pin-up section, featuring UKISS!

* I've updated the pending list. please resend your form if your name is not there~

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