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Hear ye, hear ye!

We already have the winner for Round #2 of our Project Dork - themed graphic contest/game each month. We are happy to announce you that the winner is Pynkfaery (who is also our magnae!) won 10 votes! Thank you so much for voting. This round we have 6 entries. There are some of you who wanted to join but I guess, you're a little bit late... T_T But no worries!!! We're having this contest EVERY MONTH! for all of us who loves designing ^^v Just follow simple rules in our page and we'll see the results by end of the month.

ROund #3's theme is already out so we asked you to quickly submit your entry (max: 2 entries) and let them votes who's the winner of the round xDD

Again, thanks to Chazzie and Soleiman (Winner of Round #1) for your (sweet lovable) entries, and congratulations to the winner. Here is the graphic that won Round #2 and got the power to choose the next theme, Round #3

click the poster for more info.

Brief Info of Round #2
# Theme: Love (♥) + Your fave Kpop artist.
# Artwork must contain :
Love(♥) theme featured by your fave korean entertainers
# Must follow the rules.
# You don't need to be pro in editing/designing graphics to enter this game ^^v
# Duration: 1 month
(3 weeks for entry submission & pre-voting + the last, final week for full voting)

And as promised, we will put the winner's artwork in almost every single sites we have. Twitter, FB profile page, Dorkistic site, and others. Here it is, artwork by Farhinaa Othman aka Pynkfaery~ (this is your advance birthday present hehehe~) Again, thanks to all of you who have participated in this game (^o^)v

Congratz to the winner!! Thanks for coming up with a very nice theme for Round #3. Hope lots will join the fun! xDD

Other entries:

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Cya there~!!


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