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Calling for U-Kiss fan! U-Kiss will be coming to Malaysia for a private fanmeeting/showcase on the 19th of June, 2010. I'm proud to inform you that I'm going there with my two other siblings to celebrate our Fatone's birthday. Well, surprisingly, this June is also Dorkistic's 4th year anniversary! I'm so excited for both events, even though I can't celebrate it with my other crews. (Maybe we should find some times to meet up ^^). And since our crew, Pynkfaery and Nana Unnie couldn't come, they agreed that we should have a project in conjunction with these. (okay, I think I'm speaking gibberish here.. i'm too excited!)

Dorkistic Design will collect your messages. yes, YOUR MESSAGES to U-KISS and will compile them into little greeting cards, i.e; one message in one card, and will give it to U-Kiss during the showcase. The rule is easy. Just fill in the form below and we will do the rest ^^

Rules? Simple. Fill in the form thoroughly and spazz yourself! hahaha.. but 20 words max only.

Deadline? It started today, 1st May 2010 until 10th of JUNE 2010 .

Please email us if you have any questions regarding this project.

See? it's simple right? yeah... just another fun project by Dorkistic Design this year ^^

Spread it to your friends and let's collect as many messages as possible!

click..................... HERE!

p/s: project poster and sample card will be up later ^^

*credit to ukissm3 for the video*

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