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Hello everyone! Chazzie unnie here.. How are you guys? I hope you guys are doing good. Me? Ahh, shocked! lolz, nah.. I'm working very hard with my new job. Yeah, it's been pass one month that I work at the nursery and things are getting harder day by day. Okay, enough with that. Well, we, DD crews are feeling sorry that we all let you down for not being active with the site. We haven't update much because we're all busy with work and final exams. We still wanna thank you all for keep coming to DD and giving us supporting messages. We're always cheered up after reading your messages. Thank you very much and a big hug to all of you!

As in today, we're officially on our open hiatus. We will not update much, but we will still accepting request, since I know you guys are willing to wait, and yeah, we also willing to steal some of our weekend time doing your layout. Well, personally, that's what keeping me alive these days after a very hectic weekdays. I hope you like our lame new layout. *sigh* Mian, it's not as good as what we should have, considering that it's only 3 months left before our 4th year anniversary!! yayy!! DD is getting OLDDDDD~ hahaha... anyway, yeah, with this new layout, you can see that we have extra column on the left side where you can check your pending status there. You can see designer's status too, so that you can decide which designer you'd like to choose to do your request.

Okay, I cannot talk longer. I'm uploading last week's request and Nana and Pynkfaery will update their status column soon too.

* if you still want to request from a hiatus designer, you may need to wait a little longer for the request to be done.
* inform at CBOX once you pick up your request.
* email me (dorkistic_design[at]yahoo.co.uk) if there's error regarding your layout.

Take care kids and umma loves you all!!!

Are you a U-KISS fan?? stay tune for we have a special UKISS project!

DATE: 4/11/2010 COMMENTS:

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