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It's April huh? Wow, I didn't even realize it because it went very peacefully. Hehe. Usually people will do APRIL FOOL to me but I guess after many sad incidents followed by April Fool, they don't pull jokes on me, again (which is good though cz it did bring sad memories.....)

It's been a very hectic month. March, and now April. As for me, April is a very very very occupied month for me. This is one of the reasons why I took full hiatus from Dorkistic. I won't take any requests (as I have informed in my portfolio's site) and hopefully will return in May or by late...June.

Briefly, everyone who requested from me had picked up and applied their layouts. Great! So I have 2 pending requests:

April 2010

Mallica *remake*

Hope to finish it before end of this week (which is a lil bit of impossible) TT.TT
BTW, Dorkistic had organized a designing contest-like-game in our Facebook Page. You can participate and give your comments and ratings here:


* Credit If Using *
Updated 15th March 2010 (Sunday):
I've uploaded the 2nd & 3rd batch of our icon freebies. Sorry for the long wait though~

click icon to see the rest

Updated 04th April 2010 (Monday):
My final batch of icon freebies~

click icon to see the rest

And to those who requested from Chazzie, I hope you guys can wait a lil bit longer. She had finished all requests but she didn't manage to update them here. So make sure to check our site always yeah? (^____^)v Cya!

Dorkistic Nana


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