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Round and Round!

Hey everyone! It's Friday and Chinese New year is coming! I can feel the excitement because my neighbours have been playing CNY songs for few days and it even got stuck in my head! Hahaha, anyway, I'm proud to present you our new look! It's a whole new style of Dorkistic where this time, we're going to a simple style on the layout but focusing more on the CSS. This is actually not the original layout for our 28th Edition. It's supposed to feature 4 Super Junior members, with a very detailed links and all. However, since I've been working on the coding for three days and looking at the layout for too many times, I got bored of it and suddenly it turns into U-Kiss! Well, I haven't got time to find pictures since I reformatted my PC a month ago. The only latest pictures that I have is on U-Kiss and ZE:A.

You can get access to our content at our navigation on top, and there's also our VIP site up there. These sites has been around for quite a while, and has been DD's regular supporter, requester and visitors too. I'm still working on the content, editing here and there, and I'm sorry if there are sections that is not available at the moment.

There is also a new request form. It's in REQUEST section. As always, please read the rules thoroughly before you request, or you might not be able to request at all. We will be very strict this time and this is for our requester's convenience too. We are trying to upgrade our services every single day and we need your help too in order for us to provide the best services to all of you ^^

We still have ADVERTISING SECTION whereby, we invite webmasters and webmistresses who needs a shoutout/advertisement on JOB VACANCIES, CHALLENGES, or any related advertisement to email us the information, and we will advertise it here at Dorkistic. However, we will read the content first and if it is relevant, then we will advertise it. We will also provide banners for it. And THIS SERVICE only applicable for our affiliates and those who have requested layouts/graphics from us before.

And I will perform affiliate check ups starting today, and will also update affiliation section to those who invited us to be affies. New affies rules will be updated later.

Special shoutout to my dongsaengs at Plurk, Ana, Chulkey, Faith, and Darkess who kept me "entertained" while uploading this layout and contents to Dorkistic Design. They always make me laugh especially when I'm down! There's Joonie, Fishie, Kitten, Kim, Renee, Kyn and Fiah too but they're not online at the time I updated this. Thank you for the support!

I hope you like the layout, and stay tuned for more updates from us. Get requested!

* Junhyung icon specially made by FAITH

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