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Hello people! how are you doing? I'm pretty busy this week trying to finish all your request. Just an announcement, Dorkistic Crews will be on short hiatus from Thursday until Monday. There will be an Islamic Performing Arts Concert held in our University and we're going to watch it. Nana unnie and I used to perform for last year's edition of it and this year we're going to be the audience.. kekeke~ So I will try to finish all requests by tomorrow. Below is some of the completed request and if you can't find your name, please come back again tomorrow, especially those who requested for layout coding. I hope you guys love the layout that I made, and don't forget to tag us at the cbox once you pick them up! and oh, I hope you guys read this because there are too many emails to be sent for me to inform about the request. =.=

Click the image to get your requests:

Those who requested to be affies, we will gete back to you soon. We're not freely accepting affies from now. We will check on the site and if we think they deserve to be affy, then we will add you there, if not, you will be in link exchange list. have a nice day!

DATE: 2/23/2010 COMMENTS:

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