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Hello designers, affies, visitors, plurkers and friends! How are you guys? Hope you enjoy your days. I'm sorry that we hardly update these days. The title says it all. Tonight, Nana Unnie will have a singing competition, so I wish her good luck, and our magnae, Pynkfaery is struggling with assignments and thesis..hwaiting! Trust me and Nana Unnie, we know very well how scary most of Pynkfaery's lecturers, because we had them as our lecturers too! *scary thoughts* and to those who are juggling with life and sites, jia you! I felt relieved that I've finished your layouts. However, I didn't do error checks since Firefox keeps dying on me. If there's errors, please email me. I hope you're happy with the layout I made, and you can go to my portfolio HERE if you want to know my comments on each layout that I made ^^

Click the icon below to go pick the requests.

Dorkistic Design is doing some maintenance for our 11th Revamp. It is best if you can Email directly to us if you want to request something. We will be back soon with new layout, new concept and new request form ^^

DATE: 2/10/2010 COMMENTS:

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