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A Bit Quicky

Hi! I just wanna post something quick. I might not be able to go online this weekend since my sisters are here, so I'll let them use the Internet. Hehehe~ Anyway, below is the explanation on each types of request, in case you don't know which one to tick in the form.

Blogger Layout & Webs/Other Layout : I'll design and code the layout based on the type you choose. No need to tick LAYOUT CODING if you choose this one.
Layout's Coding : You design the layout, and I will code it. This is not to ask for my basecode.
Wallpaper : Wallpaper for your computer, based on the sizes you gave me.
Icon & Siggy : For forums, messengers. Icon; 100x100 and Siggy 300 x 100
Others (please state below) : Other types of graphics like banner, button, etc. but we're not accepting POSTER & BACKGROUND.

If there are things that you don't understand, you can ask at cbox.
Be sure to tick the correct boxes or your request might be ignored.

Happy Chinese New Year!!

DATE: 2/13/2010 COMMENTS:

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