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Pending List JANUARY #3

Hello yeorobun! Well, for those who requested last week, thank you for informing me that you've picked up the layout, and I hope you love them ^^ Right on the day that I submitted your requests, I received few more request! XD Well, please check your name below to make sure that it's there. If it isn't, please resend the form by sending it to our email. I'm having an interview tomorrow, so I'm not sure when can I finish your request. Let's hope my schedule ain't that hectic and I can finish them all by Thursday. At the mean time, why don't you go to feisty princess and NOMINATE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE DESIGNER, WRITER and WEBSITE?

PENDING REQUEST #3 [updated January 24th, 2010]
  • Marshie
  • Helene
  • i-deas
  • Hanna Nanae
  • Dieya
  • geesoo
  • star_dust
  • Tiffany
  • Zana
  • mimikon
  • BoBoLi0us

And.... jajangg!!!!!

We won best site at FP! Well, the result was out for quite a while, but I just remembered to post it here. We would like to thank ALL of you, the designers, visitors, affies, friends and families who voted for us. This award is not for DD, but also for Lost Shadow, Fanfictional, Azin Productions and all the sites that's nominated. Special thanks to Feisty Princess who hold this event, and to the person who nominate us. We will work harder in the future to serve you the best layout and graphics! *bows*

DATE: 1/24/2010 COMMENTS:

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