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Hello Dorkies! hehehe.. How are you? I hope you're doing fine. Some of my friends started new terms of school yesterday. I hope you guys will work hard and make new friends at school! I've been listening to 2PM's album last night and I fell in love with Only You's acoustic version. I listened to it while making DD's new layout, which I think you already noticed. It features Chansung. Personally, I have no idea why did I feature him. Probably because I think the picture looks good. And to my surprise, again, we share same feature with Feisty Princess! Last week, we featured Chung Lim, and now we featured Chansung. Who knows, we'll feature Lee Joon next? but oh well, Thunder and Seungho is my fave tho' *wink* So..how do you like our new layout? any comments?

Talking about Feisty Princess, I was surprised to see Dorkistic was listed in site nomination @ FP Show episode 3. We're proud to be in the list ^^ We didn't aim anything, but it's good to have new visitors coming after seeing our name in the list. but the best thing is... NANA IS ALSO NOMINATED @ BEST DESIGNER LIST!!!! I'm soooo gonna promote her! bwahaha, biased! But I think I'm gonna have hard time voting because there's Bobo, Phebs, Anna and Purple to vote too!

Some update on DD. We're using new form for requesting, which is only temporary. We're trying to fix spam problems in our blogger comment system, and once it's settled, we'll be back using the old methods of requesting.

And last but not least, January Pending Request #1. We only received 3, and hopefully will be done by tomorrow.

Bobo --waiting for new quote--
Felicia --coding--
Christopher Gan --coding--
Eunli --coding--
Loveebliss --coding--
Markie --coding--
babypaopao (2) --coding--
Nina --coding--
Sami --coding--
afhilangie --coding--
Jaelliex --cancelled--
Secret Melodies --coding--

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