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Hi everyone! Hehehe..firstly, I'd like to wish you a Happy New Year! Surprised? yeah, me too. I was so jealous at other people's New Year layout, so I made one for DD in like... 10 minutes? hehehe~ and that's the end-product. It's pretty simple, and it really shows a sneak peak of Dorkistic's concept in 2010. We're one year older, and were hoping that 2010 will be just another great year for Dorkistic Design. We would like to thank each and everyone of you for visiting, supporting, requesting and loving Dorkistic. Without you guys, we won't be having 62 000 visitors for the past 3 years. We received the most request this year, which accumulated to roughly 200 requests, with is like 100% more than the first year! *hugs everyone* and to our affies, we are glad that we know you and we even got very close with most of you. We're sorry if we seldom visit your site, and we'll try hard to get closer to each of you in the future.

Following 2010, Dorkistic is planning many projects, and I hope that you guys will come and join. We're having our 11th revamp too, with new layout coming up after Chung Lim's.

Therefore, we're doing some maintenance for new year, and at the moment, the comment section is closed. We're receiving so many spams on the comment so we're closing it now, and will be using new comment system. So, we're closing it at the moment so that we can work on the requests that we received during our hiatus. Request section will be open next week.

We hope that you have a prosperous new year in 2010!

DATE: 12/31/2009 COMMENTS:

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