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We Challenge Ourselves
Hey Dorkies! (Teri unnie used to greet us like that lolz!) Howz your Halloween?? Enjoying it?? Got tricks or treat?? ^^ Thanks to our affies who send us Halloween banner. We will upload it in our GIFTS section later on. Today, I would like to introduce you to our new project called "100 ICONS CHALLENGE". I came out with this idea when last week, after submitting almost 40 layout requests, I received no request at all for ONE WHOLE DAY (which is a record! lolz), and Nana Unnie told me that she got few (okay, understatement. It's actually MANY) icons that she's uploading once she finished her requests. So, I came out with this idea, whereby the designers here at Dorkistic will challenge ourselves by making as many icons as we can, and upload it here EVERYDAY. So, you will find new icons being uploaded EVERYDAY for ONE WHOLE WEEK, which is starting today (Sunday) until the next Sunday. Visitors are free to use them, and of course to credit us.

And we have something special for you too! These icons will be uploaded in one special page. You are welcome and encouraged to COMMENT on the post, on how you like or dislike the icons, and tell us which one is your fave (or which one you hate the most) and lucky commenter will receive mystery gift from us. howz that? interesting enough?? Click the banner below to check on the icons!

Click the banner to see the icons.

And..sneak peak to our first batch of icons:
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