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Hello everyone, Happy Tuesday!! (^_^)v Before I begin, I wanna wish HAPPY 6 MONTHS-ary Ver-Sah-Tyle~!!! :D Hehe. And Happy Belated Halloween. I got problem online-ing these days...so sorry for being less active huhu~ m(_ _)m Oh, before I forgot again, "Hi, it's me....Nana from Dorkistic Design" (in case you guys don't know who is this alien ngeh3)

Now, back to the main topic. Hmm, what eh? Oh, the 100 Icons Challenge. Today it's my turn to submit the icons. Well, hmm~ Yeah, I made these last month (including the previous Morning Musume's icons and also my upcoming icons hehehe~) Gomen neh, for being a lil bit, well...hmm...biased. (^_~)v As Chazzie had mentioned in her previous post, :

"These icons will be uploaded in one special page. You are welcome and encouraged to COMMENT on the post, on how you like or dislike the icons, and tell us which one is your fave (or which one you hate the most) and lucky commenter will receive mystery gift from us"

Today is the third day and we have reached....66 icons~! Can't wait for tomorrow's batch...hehe. Ja ne~!

ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org

Click the banner to see the icons (^0^)/

------------ EDITED-----------

Andddddd, Minho is here!! finally!!! Ahahahaha~ *evil mode* count the picture.. 1..2.. 3 Minhos! lolz. See, I've warned ya earlier that I might be VERY VERY VERY bias y'know~ teehee.. Vren, you come on time or else you'll miss Key! And, we're having our Revamp #9, but it's not major. I just edit some part here and there. Below is what's new in this edition's revamp:
~ PROJECTS : we have PROJECT section, where we list all the projects that we organized, especially the ones that we collaborated with other site.
~ PAST LAYOUTS : I updated our past layouts list.
~ CREDITS : Added more credits from DeviantArt

And I'm waiting for Pynkfaery to send me the affie reports. And if you realize, Pynkfaery is visiting the affies, and unfortunately, only some responded to her. I will only add those who responded back in our affy list, and those who don't, you might wanna invite us again in the future.

andddd.... the most awaiting moment: icon time! and of course, it's Minho!!! go on.. use them if you wanna, but don't forget to credit!

ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org

*sigh*, not as good as Nana Unnie's...

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