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Hallo designers, affies and friends! How are you guys? Me? not too good but not too bad. Few issues to settle, two requests to finish, and of course, 100 ICONS CHALLENGE to cope up with! As you might notice, I'm now the moderator at Summer Prist. Dy handed it to me, and I must say, I need to work hard to cope with two sites. I signed off from working at two sites, and now I only work as designer at one site, while the rest, I work as technical supporter. I hope you can give support to me at SUMMER PRIST. *bow* Okayz, enough of ramblings! This batch included request from Jaelliex3 who requested for FT Triple's icons. Yeap, it's there.. and also few groups too! Go check them out and leave comment to win great prizes!


Click the Banner above!

okayz.. off to finish request!

p/s: chazzie unnie is lazy that she requested a layout from Nana Unnie @_@

------------ EDITED-----------

Hi~ Nana here. A very very quick update. Here are Twilight's triple icons requested by Zana. Today is a very tiring day so I need to have a good rest or I will turn into a zombie huha~

*looking above, yeah...no comment for Chazzie there, hehe. Unnie will make it looks like you'r -suffering- can? kekekekeke*

ImageHost.org ImageHost.org
ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org
***Zana, unnie hopes you like them (^^;) huhu~

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