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Hallo!! It's already Friday!! gyahhh~ I'm sorry that I'm being so slow these days, and I'll try to upload your layouts this weekend. I still have 9 more layouts to code. Daddy is preparing for a meeting so we let him use the PC first ^^ Anyway, what's your plan for the weekend? Me? Well, HTML-ing! hehehe~ Anyway, look up! Taemin in the house! Well, if you notice, I already replace Jonghyun with Taemin, but yeah, nothing much cange on the layout, just Taemin. Tehee.. well, he spoil the EMO theme by smiling! okayz, cute smile.. pass then! hahaha~ Yeah, TaeminT out there *stares at Pynkfaery* this layout is for you! and of course, few icons coming up!

ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org
I know..it's simple! I forgot where I put my icon textures!! arghhh~

Anyway, if you see at the sidebar, I have install PLURK there. So, I'll update my progress or any short and quick announcement there (and also my daily randomness @_@). If you have plurk, go add me there ^^ I'm still trying to get hold on Plurk layout. It's simple, but yeah.. kinda tricky for me..

So, have you submit your site or story at Feisty Princess?? go there and join the chart! See you later guys!!

DATE: 10/23/2009 COMMENTS:

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