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Hi Everyone! How are you doing? Good eh? Well, I'm doing good too..My sis and I bought SS501's UR Man Special DVD, and 2 FT Island Concert DVDs on Saturday, and last night we spent the night watching them! Only managed to watched SS501, and laughing our heads off watching Jongmin noona! hahaha~ anyway, notice something different? yeap! DD's new layout! it's SHINEE'S SPECIAL, in celebrating their comeback! Well, actually, I have three choices: FT Island, Shinee or new boyband's layouts (MBLAQ +SHU-I + BEAST) but after having 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' with my sis, I got Shinee, and she'll be featuring FT is her next layout. Thanks to her, I featured Jonghyun and the first layout because it's her fave! Taemin's fan? Onew's Girl? or maybe Key's wife? Well, check back next week to see who's next! I got all the layouts ready and I must say, this is the hardest layout I ever made, although it's kinda simple.. because Photoshop hanged on me for 2 times and I have to re-do the layout twice! See the butterfly? hahahaa, for me, that's the highlight for the layout. I love Key's "butterfly-gesture".. hehehe ^^ Hope you like them and give it much love.

Thanks to our magnae for making 5 Shinee wallpapers! Well, just in time eh?? teehee~ Both of us are shawol (and I'm sure Nana unnie will go "ahh, it's them again!") so yeah.. *random* Along with the layout, below are free Jonghyun icons for you.. hope you like them! Magnae, go back and do your assignment! your Taemin will appear soon! ahahahahaha~ Hmm, I have so many things to say, but I forgot already! Haiyoo~ Oh, Nana Unnie got brand new layout and Pynkfaery got tonnes of GIFs for you.. go check their portfolios!

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Okayz, gotta go finish your request! bye peeps!



DATE: 10/19/2009 COMMENTS:
i take the icons^^ will credit^^

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