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Hey people! the weather is not so very nice! lalalala~ *random* looks who's here! It's KEY! And I made 6 icons featuring him, which is so biased! why? because onew, jonghyun and taemin's icons were from RD MV, but I'm too lazy to screencap it, so I make it from normal pictures! hahaha~ liking it?? I can't wait for the next and final layout! ngahahahaha~ *evil laugh* I have one more request, and then I'm making some icons for freebies, and maybe uploading free layout @ blogskins?? hmm... KEEP ON VOTING FOR YOUR FAVE STORIES AND SITES AT FEISTY PRINCESS!!!

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*Credit if using ^^ *

And oh, I'd like to explain something here. Since few months ago, I received some private email, applying to be Dorkistic Designers. However, I have to turn down the application because we're only 3 and it will remain that way for a while. I'm pretty upset when some of them even said bad things like "you're so stuck up not accpeting us as the designer" "is DD that good to reject people like this?" and some others, which I personally feel hurt reading it. Let me explain here.

1. I never open any staff application, so why bother to apply? There are many sites that need designers out there. You should apply there.
2. It's not that I'm biased or anything, for not accepting other staff except Nana and Pynkfaery. You don't know how we work. We meet not only online, but offline. We exchange infos and announcements not only via messenger or email, but also text messages. We send and receive messages and usually respond it on time. We even meet during lunch hours to discuss about your requests and etc. can you do that if you wanna be our staff?? I'm afraid you can't.

do you need more explanations? If you do, feel free to email me, or SEE me. Ja, off to make more icons!

And oh, again, we're not accepting any affie invitation at the moment. Sorry about that. (I think I akready wrote this 3 times this week)

DATE: 10/30/2009 COMMENTS:

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