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Hey girls! Our bad boy is here! LEE JINKI JJANG~ lolz... random aite? Firstly, thanks to Nana unnie who helped me responding your comments at cbox. I might be in suddent MIA these two weeks..so yeah, I won't be online as usual, but depends on my free time. Thanks to those who come and inform us when they took their layouts, and glad that you like it! It feels weird tho to have no request for one day..hahaha ^^ I got two in hand now, and 3 poster request, which I think I'll do it tomorrow. I'm kinda tired today. Again, I thank you guys for informing us. It's sad tho' that some requester don't bother to inform us that they already pick up the layout. We hope that we can see how it looks like on your site. We have so many things to do and everyday we're worried whether our requester have taken their layouts or not. I hope you can help us saving our time by informing us that you already took the layout kays? *sigh* onew is too good in RDD MV! check our 6 icons that I made, in conjunction with this special layout. see? you never know when I'll upload the next member.. it's our very own KEYOPATRA!! hahaha~

ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org
*credit if using*

And again, we'd like to inform that we don't accept any affy invite at the moment (we already wrote that at the bottom of the cbox). We're doing our affy check, to update the list. So, once we finished it, we'll add you guys kayz? ^^

what's next??? check out newly opened site, with new ideas/concept such as:
Let Us Help You, We R U

and official opening of BBT@MIZANIMATIONS~
and RONIX is back!
and and... Black days for FP Show's nominations
and and and... congrats to all newly opened sites.. good luck!

Anyone cute enough to make your lazy unnie Youngsaeng's icons???

DATE: 10/27/2009 COMMENTS:

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