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Hi everyone! Chazzie's here writing again after two weeks of MIA. *bows* I'm sorry that I neglected you guys and keep you waiting for your layout. So many things happened in my life and I hardly have time to go online. Anyway, remember our project with VST? Well, thanks to Nana-unnie, she made a video compilations of all participants. Thank you to all DD visitors, affies and friends who supported this project since the very start till the end. I don't know how to repay you guys, but I'm proud to have you here with me, supporting our project, along with Jaelliex3. Some of you even put Jay's layout even though you're not a fan. I'm so touched. Therefore, below is the video compilation of all layouts and URLs of the sites that participated in our project.. some have similar layouts because they're using our Jay Blogskins special. Again, thank you very much with your support, and hopw to see you soon in another project! Thanks to Ver-Sah-Tyle for collaborating! *hugs everyone*

DATE: 10/07/2009 COMMENTS:
nice vid! congrats to Jaellie, Nana, & to you!
Thanks so much Nana~Unnie and Chazz Unnie for making this happen... and to all who participated thank you so so much xD We love you all!!

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