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Hey kids! *hahaha* howz school? doing good? and life? enjoying them much? Hehehe..Dorkistic doesn't have much requests nowadays.. got 4 request to be done by tomorrow. So, I opened a new Form so that I can update our database for Form #11. It's the messiest because so many double posts and rejected forms..*sigh* and yeah..I think I'm in designer's block! mwahahah~ well, I don't..it's just that... I have to go on hiatus from 19-23 of September for Hary Raya/Eid Fitr celebration. All of us the staff. I don't wanna go on hiatus, but I'll be flying to my mom's hometown (the place where I was born) and I'm sure it's gonna be hectic days, and I won't have time to open the computer. I'm sad to leave you guys for a while..I'm gonna miss you! but yeah, don't worry, I'll come check here once in a while to reply your messages. *sigh* Lost Paradise's new layout is too cute! Anyway, today I have the most little freebies ever.. only 5!! but these are my fave, the most fave! I don't wanna share it with you guys, and I wanna use it on my own, but thinking that many of my beloved friends and affies love this person, so yeah, I decided to share it with you guys. remember, credit if using yeah? and oh, again, if you have Jay featured on your layout, feel free to submit it to us! click on the banner above!

ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org ImageHost.org

*right click and save to your PC

and oh, I'd like to thank ABBY who are willing to advertise Dorkistic design in her sites and the forums she joined. thanks Abs!

Minho icon thanks to SHADOWYIN!

Chazzie's To-Dos:
- finish request {m2m, zana, elena, ella}
- crop all icons from bday gift and use it ^^
- do laundry
- make more freebies!


DATE: 9/15/2009 COMMENTS:

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