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Hey everyone! enjoying your weekend so far? We have extra day of public holiday tomorrow and I'm sure everyone is having fun right now. I'm staying up tonight to finish as many request as I can. We're going out early tomorrow to send ChoiFatone back to hostel. Huha~And the house will be quiet again without her and ChoFannae..Okayz, enough ramblings, belows are the latest pending list, as I'm going to open a new form. For Form #10, we received around 25 requests, but have to reject around 3 because they failed to follow the rules. That's sad. and for youur information, I will not put up Blacklist page. It is not open for public, but for DD's staff only. The people who are blacklisted will be emailed about this. It's sad to have blacklisted people at your site. I hope it won't affect DD's reputation. For record, DD is not only available for layout design, but we also have made several offline jobs such as t-shirt design, banner/bunting/poster for events, and even invitation cards. I hope we can expand our services in the future.. hmm..such random thoughts out of nowhere..lolz ^^

Okayz, move on with the list:
from previous batch-
. shimjjang_min
. Secret Melodies
. Ridhwan

. Hainexazien
. Alpha
. Michelle
. abby
. Ice- San
. Kyn and Pararae

my sis wants me to make Seunggi's wallpaper for her phone..huhuhu~
Affy invitation is closed at the moment. need to sort out and do affy check. Sorry for the inconvenience..

DATE: 9/07/2009 COMMENTS:
*was crying watching his departure @airport just now*


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