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STATUS {EDITED 04/09/09}

Hey everyone! How are you? Hope you're doing good. As everyone knows, today is Thursday and it supposed to be PICK-UP DAY to those who requested @ DD. However, the requests are overflowing that I haven't finished them yet..*bow* I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry... Honestly, the most challenging part this time is to create GD's layout. kyah! extra time needed as I need to use the same pictures to create 2 different GD layout. And that's totally challenging especially when I'll suddenly get mesmerized by his blonde hair and can't help staring at him at times..kekekeke...Anyway, below is my working status up until today:

Yays! I finished some of the layouts! Download link will be uploaded one by one.. if yours is not there, check again in few hours or the next day. I'll upload the layout first, followed by link button and icons. I'm sorry but I cannot email you guys about the pick up. Hope those who requested can come here and retrieve it. Please let me know at CBox or comment below if you already use the layout ^^

and don't worry, I'm not stressed out doing your request ^^ And I hope you like the layout. For your information, I lost my basecode for LJ and Navigational, so for now, I'll only provide the normal DIV layout. Hope I can re-code it this weekend.

Anyway, do visit our beloved affy, LOST PARADISE! she accept layout and poster requests.. and her layouts are uber awesome!


. Serenity {layout}
. Simplicity {layout}
. Lee Hyeon I {layout}
. wadah {layout}
. Sung Ah {layout} {banner} {link}
. HidayahF(x4) -----will submit after UPSR-----
. shimjjang_min -----designing-----
. Joselle Mae -----already passed to Nana for coding-----
. Secret Melodies -----posponed-----
. Elena Mijares {layout} {link}
. Ronix {link}
. Azin Productions {layout} {link}
. BoBoLi0us {layout} {icon} {icon}
. Kimimi {layout} {icon} {icon} {link} {link} {link}
. Ridhwan -----retreiving images-----
. Derby -----sent-----
. Stephany -----hotlinking-----
. Brittany -----hotlinking-----
. Kiyumi -----hotlinking-----
. Midnight Memories {layout}{link}
. Hainexazien -----designing-----
. JAelliex3 -----passed to Nana-----
. Ehyefish -----passed to Pynkfaery-----
. AlphaDelta -----retreiving image-----

*click TUTORIAL section to learn how to use the layout.

And I'd like to wish my beloved affy, VER-SAH-TYLE, HAPPY 4 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!

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