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Ahneyonghaseyo! how are you my beloved affies and visitors?? I hope you're doing well, and enjoying your weekend. Well, yesterday was Malaysia's 52nd Anniversary! well, I don't really celebrate it thp'. We went out for shopping and visit our grandmother. I seriously was afraid to check REQUEST section as I know the list are still going on..huha~ I've finished sending off poster request to my offices, and so here I am, writing something while waiting imagehost to upload the layouts for request since I-don't-know-when, until the latest on 26th August. After this I'm gonna start working on layout sent in from 27th August and onwards~ Anyway, I hope you love the layout. Don't forget to drop a message at CBox once you pick them up and feel free to EMAIL me if there's problems regarding the layout/code..

Okay, below are pick-up list from August Batch 5. Those who requested from 27th August, your request will be listed under September Batch 1..I'm sorry for being kinda late with the request..huhuhu...

- Dream Wish + link button
- Ehyefish
- GD-babyism+ link button
- Jaelliex3
- JaeminxFaith + link button
- Melancholic Melancholic
- Smiley Dinosaurr + link button
- SweetBunn

And oh, all request here will be done by me, unless you guys mentioned in the form that you wanted PynkFaery or Nana to do it. But usually, non-korean layout (especially J-Pop) will be done by Nana. You can check out her portfolio Here ^^

*click TUTORIAL on our navigation area to if you need help with the layout/code

. Serenity
. wadah
. Sung Ah
. HidayahF
. shimjjang_min
. Joselle Mae
. Secret Melodies
. Elena Mijares
. Ronix
. Azin Productions
. BoBoLi0us
. Kimimi
. Ridhwan
. Derby

{14 in count}

and 3 more, but they broke the rule. The others will be reviewed and check too..Shall wait for them to re-request before putting them on the list..

DATE: 9/01/2009 COMMENTS:
oh, and can i say only for blogger AKA dotdotdot.blogspot.com? haha. can a boss? (^^;)

anyway, aja2 fighting chazz! love ur works always XDDD esp for baracuda's new GD layout....kyaaaaa!!!!!

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