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Hey everyone!!! *I'm super hyper here!!!! Hari Raya was... erm..emotional.. but yeah, I'm happy to be back because I'm super missed everyone! and the best thing is that when we arrived home, Teri Unnie's parcel arrived too! It's sad tho'..to see 2PM badges..but I'm still glad to have it! Okayz, I can't write long, just to inform you : TO THOSE WHO ALREADY UPLOADED JAY'S LAYOUT ON YOUR SITE, PLEASE KEEP IT UNTIL 25th, I WILL SCREENCAP YOUR SITE ASAP AND WILL UPDATE THE LIST. I SAW SEVERAL SITES WITH JAY'S LAYOUT AND WILL UPDATE THE TRIBUTE SITE. THANKS FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION! I'M SO HAPPY AND PROUD TO HAVE YOU GUYS PARTICIPATING!

will update more later! bye for now!

* unnie left my mobile home at my granny's house.. *sigh*

DATE: 9/21/2009 COMMENTS:

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