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Start of something New

Hi everyone! Okayz, I know DD has been kinda down this week because of some problems with rulebreakers and code-stealers. However, I realize that this problem really distracts me from finishing the request. Many requests were delayed because of this. Therefore, I decided to change the layout to something cheerful, and will stop talking about sad things. Let's just ignore them, and I will promise you guys to work hard with the requests. *bows* And I would like to thank you guys for your supporting messages and jia you-ing for me. Thank you very much! And I hope this happy layout will change my murderous mood this morning. How do you like it?? And I open a new form (Form #10), so, don't freak out if you didn't see your previous request there..And we have few new affies. I shall introduce them to you in our next update. I still need to update some pages. Have a nice day!

Request Pending List
- Sweetbunn
- First Year James
- starclusterxxxx
- ehyefish
- Lee Hyeon-I
- shimjjang_min
- smileydinosaurr
- GD Baby-ism
- Jaemin & Faith
- Jaelliex3
- BeautiifulLife
- HidayahF
- Serenity

DATE: 8/27/2009 COMMENTS:

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