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Hey people! Chazzie here.. huhu..you probably been wondering why I haven't been here for a while, and only replied some messages at Cbox only. Well, I've been very busy with your request! lol.. It was surprising that I received 15 layout request since last Saturday. And in this Batch (2 and 3) the requester are giving a very detailed descriptions for their layouts, so I need to be careful and work extra hard on each request. Anyway, yeah, while taking a break on the layouts (for record: finished 7 over 15 request until today) I played with icon textures, so Teri Unnie and me made icon exchange and I was excited to see the icons she made for me! She made it better that mine lol! huha~ Teri Unnie Sarang Hae! SUPER AWESOME! Check it out!

And these are the ones that I made for her ^^

* Texture credits @ SITE section

DATE: 8/12/2009 COMMENTS:
you're the best Chazz...^^ thanks for being a good teacher. *hugs*
aja2~!! >.<
thanks teri-unnie! thanks nana unnie!

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