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Hi everyone! *yawns* -excuse me!- it's 8.30 in the morning and I just finished preparing for breakfast. Now I'm ready in front of the PC to check for pending request, and to finish them by Thursday.. 0__0 which is tomorrow!! kyakkk!!! Since my brother and sister are home, so, my online time is decreased to give chance to them to use it too. I am too lazy to unpack my PC which is still in its box since April *_* Let me list the pending request for BATCH #4, and some from BATCH #3 and the progress of the requests..and oh, I updated the AFFY LIST. check for your link..if it's not there, gimme a shout!

&& Serenity --coding in progress--
&& Zana --done!--
&& Sunni --done!--
&& Cherry Blossoms --coding in progress--
&& Mandy --done!--
&& Faith --done!--
&& Marshie --done!--
&& Deja Vu --done!--
&& Ky Rawr --coding in progress--
&& QY --done!--
&& Sweetest Memoirs --re request --
&& Baby Blue --done!--
&& Bobo --done!--
&& Mickey --done!--

and yeah, thanks for your concern about the blacklister. anyway, I'd like to announce that I only gave 5 persons to use my coding. and they are Nana, Dy, Teri, Phebs and Purple other than these people, if I found out that you use the coding WITHOUT ASKING PERMISSION FROM ME FIRST, well, let's see if you can even live tomorrow.. *unnie is being super evil*

you see.. I have some of my friends asking nicely about the code, but sadly, I have to refuse it, so what's the use of you using my code WITHOUT my permission??

* GIF by wonderful Teri Unnie

DATE: 8/19/2009 COMMENTS:

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