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Hello everyone! howz your weekend? My family and I went shopping at Tesco, buying so many things to eat. hahaha..*cough* I'm not feeling well..sore throat TT_TT Today, after my Saturday off, I checked the request section and overall, i have around 10(?) request..? well, yeah..i think so..not including poster requests from other sites that I'm working at. This week gonna be a tough week for me! huhuhu..anyway, I received some comments, asking permission to use the icons. dears, those icons are free! go use them, as long as you credit! ^^. okay, let's move on with the pending list.

♥ pacifica {blog layout}
♥ Danhobakie {blog layout}
♥ Pyoung Hei {site layout}
♥ purple {LJ Layout}
♥ Jaemin {blog layout}
♥ christy {blog layout}
♥ Déjà Vu {blog layout}
♥ Kim Sungmin {blog layout}
♥ BLAH<3 {blog layout}
♥ ky-rawr {LJ Layout}
♥ Jaelliex3 {Friendster Layout}
♥ HeoHyunJae {blog layout}
♥ Marielle {Friends-Only Banner}

if your request is not here, please tag at cbox and check on the next day. If it's still not there, sadly, it's because the request was rejected.

DATE: 8/09/2009 COMMENTS:
oh my goodness... a shinEE layout :D:D:D

yay! lol just to say, my favorite are key and jonghyun

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