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Hi beloved visitors! how are you?? Well, *looking at the clock* after 5 hours, I managed to finished all layout and poster requests. pheww.. and I have the whole weekend to code it, so you shall expect your request to be ready for pick-up by next week. I can't wait to finish it so that I can work on more freebies! Looking at your requests inspired me to create freebies, and I hope you will like it once you receive it. It's already 4 in the morning, and I have to prepare for our "morning breakfast" so that we won't pass out during fasting hours.. While waiting for your request, let me give you 10 GD-fied ICONs! hehe.. okayz, my "emo" style is sooo epic fail! I tried to make it emo, but i think it all look "cute"..don't u think so?? need to learn from Emo Sifu (Teri Unnie)! *lolz* hope you enjoy it, and comments are always welcome ^^

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*credit if taking and using


DATE: 8/28/2009 COMMENTS:
i luv your icons, chazz! i gonna take 1...2...hmmm...3--no 4 out to use...lol kiki!!!
kya!!!!!! mau!!!
teri : thanks unnie! hahha.. take all if u want to! lolz

xiao xhun : mau? ambekla.. ^^
Hello ! I took a few icons . Hope you don't mind... where are you guys from? Malaysia? Cause I see malay. haha
Unnie my baby looks sexy (: hehe !
I wanna learn how to make these kind of ICONS! Tutorial much unnie?

Btw this is Jae bwahha!
Hey this is RyoMaXMaSuke!
My sister said she loves your icons! so she will be getting some and will be crediting! THANKIES, Chazz-unnie! :DD
Chazzie Unnie...You amaze me ^__^
hahazz baka : sure, you can use the icons but don't forget to credit DD. lols, DD's headquarters is in Malaysia.. where r u from?

Lee Ann : let's do icon exchange later with Teri Unnie ^^

Deja Vu : thanks! you can use them and take all of them, as long as you credit ^^

ShadowYin : amazed? by what? lolz..
Oh ! I see... haha. I'm from Singapore but I'm malay ^^
Amazed by...YOU! Your amazing graphic skills!!

haha. i'm very bad in remembering things..anwyway..i suddenly craving spaggeti. n i think it's ur fault....hahaha. ya~!! noona lapar ini...seb bek cuti taw huahuahua~!
LOL Sure unnie ; )
hahazz baka - lolz, hi! *waves* hehh, we occasionally reply our friends message in Malay, especially with Xiao Chun! hahah~

SY - ahh..no lah, I'm still learning too! your graphics are awesome too ^^

nana unnie - hehehe, unnie lapar?? nanti saya masakkan..lolz ^^

lee-ann - good luck!
xD thanks ^^ But your graphics are really awesome! ^^
unnie hwaiting! :)
DANG ~! I love them so much I can't take my eyes of them... Awesome Chazz! Who can't resist the Cool GD with blonde hair now... It's just too much for us VIPs! haha~

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