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Olivia : Erm, so far, my layout only available for webs.com and blogger.com. It cannot be used in wordpress. I'm sorry...

Zane : I'm sure it will turn out great!

KyRawr : Just copy and paste the code again =)

Purple : Yep, I'm a Muslim, and today is the 3rd day of fasting. Lolz, it's hard to resist food, but it's a good way for me to diet! hahaha...and during this month, we need to refrain ourselves from cursing, and saying something bad.. huhuhu..

Valerie : thank you for requesting and also using our 4Minute layout!

Cherry Blossom : your requests are ready for pick up. under the name SIMPLICITY. It was there since Friday.

ShadowYin : Yeah, actually I let her go the first time, but when she did it again for SSLL, I have to blacklist her..huhu..sad to know that she's your co-web too..

Star-Chan : huhu, I hope we won't have any rulebreaker again...

Mandy : I already sent the emali =)

Sungminnie : Yeah, that really made me sad.. =(

To starclusterxxxx, ehyefish, Lee Hyeon-I, shimjjang_min, GD Baby-ism : I alredy approved your request. I hope you can wait for a while because I might be a little busy this week, since it's a school holiday.

Smileydinosaurr - I have to reject your request because you failed to follow the rules given.

{Thanks for your comments and responses and visits to Dorkistic Design. I'm flattered to see the increasing numbers of hit everyday. I hope you guys can stay tune for our next freebies.. =) }

DATE: 8/23/2009 COMMENTS:

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