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NEW LAYOUT! *don't laugh!*

Okay, I lied.. I laugh the whole time! Yeah, you've arrived at DORKISTIC DESIGN, no, you're not lost or anything and of course DD is not being hacked!. It started as a joke..Chazzie is taking a break after finished making Reverie's layout and before continuing with HSJbanzai's layout, she threw some brushes and wrote DORKISTIC DESIGN on a 1024x768 layer and showed it to Nana-Unnie. And then thinking "oh well, it's written DD there..so why don't just use it??" and Nana-unnie agreed on it! hehehe... yeah..yeorobun, your Chazzie unnie is so out of her mind!!!! but, Dear requester, don't worry, your requested layout won't turn out like this!..hahaha *fell off chair* I hope you guys will bear with this layout until we come out with new layout yeah?? *ppffftt* one day after I put our pending list, I received another 6 layout request, so I need to update the pending list. We also have new affies! I'll put their link button below yeah? Enjoy your days ahead~

PENDING LIST {updated 140709}
-- Teriyaki18 {Layout} --coding--
-- starclusterxxxx {LJ Layout} --coding--
-- CRAZEE-licous {Layout} --coding--
-- Reverie {Layout} --coding--
-- HSJbanzai {Layout} --coding--
-- Fanfictional {Layout} --coding--
-- Kim Sungmin {MySpace & blog Layout} --coding--
-- Victoria Demitri {Layout}
-- Mei Yee {Layout}
-- Jennifer {Layout}
-- Danielle. Michelle. Amariah {Layout}
-- 2a {Layout}
-- Strawberry-Moon {Layout}
-- Lollipop Princess {Layout} --coding--

**---coding--- means i've finish the layout, and working on the coding*



* icon by AZINPRODUCTION ~ thanks azndomination for making Junsu icons for me! unnie have hard times to choose! go there and request for cool icons!! mwahahahaa....

DATE: 7/14/2009 COMMENTS:
how do we get those skins?(:
anonymous ~ erm, your question is too general. can you specify it? do you mean by your requested skins, or what skins?

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