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Hey everyone!

Hey hey! It's Chazzie unnie here again..Well, today, my two fellow crews Pynkfaery and Nana-unnie is starting their new semester. Good luck from Dorkistic Design! Huhu..seriously I missed them very much. We usually will meet in the evening for Angklung practice, and for lunch, and even in class..but since I've finished my study, so I'll be working full-time here at dorkistic while waiting for any job interview coming my way..hahaha... Anyway, I just retrieved the Batch 3 request and I hope you guys can check if your request is there.. if not, do inform me at CBox. I've been checking around to see if the requested layout is used, but sadly, some of you just don't bother to go upload it in your site. If you don't know how to upload it, please email me and I'll help you with that. I love every single layout that I made, since I spent hours making it. I'm happy that some of them are now with a new family and being taken care by good webmistress. And yet, I'm pretty sad that some of them is still waiting for their new family..

I will give you guys a month to pick the layout and in August, I will do a clean-up and any layout that haven't been uploaded on the website, I will take them back, edit, and make them into freebies. I know there are many people out there who are willing to take care of my babies

Okay, enough being emotional. Here's the pending list for Batch #3 last check 13/07/09:

-- Teriyaki18 {Layout}
-- starclusterxxxx {LJ Layout}
-- CRAZEE-licous {Layout}
-- Reverie {Layout}
-- HSJbanzai {Layout}
-- Fanfictional {Layout}
-- Kim Sungmin {MySpace & blog Layout}

# To DBSKbiglover, I forgot to upload your blogcode. I'll send them to your email asap.
# To GDBaby, please give valid URL to your site so that I can check the layout.
# To Alcheria and Lollipop Princess, your request is forwarded to Nanako. She's still working on your layout since she just came back from hiatus.
# To Latienza, your animated link button is forwarded to PynkFaery. I cannot contact her..maybe something wrong with her PC. If she didn't respond until this week, I'll make it for you.

CLICK HERE TO PICK UP BATCH #2, updated 100709

* Icon fromAzinProuction
* New affies will be updated asap..

DATE: 7/13/2009 COMMENTS:
I could never work online to a time frame. I get so distracted. :P
Good luck with this months batch though! :D Seems like quite a lot!
new lay is up!! aigoo...need to refresh2 n lots of refreshing to do!! XD
hehehe...unnie, that's because I'm still editing it here n there..hahaha...

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