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5 Wallpapers and Status Update ^^

Whassup everybody?! *immitating Khun* Anyway, enjoying your weekend? Well, I enjoyed my weekend since my sisters were here for the weekend! We spent hours watching the whole episodes of Deottda Gunyeo Season 3! Anyway, for an update, Ive just finish working on the layout (yep, received 13 requests last week) and now I'm gonna start coding them, so I hope it will be ready for uploads by tomorrow night.. *prays hard* And to thank you guys for visiting Dorkistic over this week, I present you 5 misc. wallpapers! Well, the first 3 is by me, and the other 2 which are 2PM and T-Max courtesy of ChoiFatone. She works at WxM and Y-G as graphic staff and she gave me those wallpapers to be uploaded at Dorkistic. well, she's my sister after all!.

And of course, we accept any contributors who wants their works to be exhibited and presented as freebies here @ Dorkistic. If you're interested, do email us with your works but make sure you keep your little copyright on the works. We welcome wallpapers and blogskins submission, and of course, we'll open Contributor's Page as the hall of fame for those who're kind enough to contribute to Dorkistic. I know Dorkistic is growing old, and I think, it's one way for us to show our appreciation to our visitors, and I hope you guys can join and show your artworks to the world ^^

And to all sites celebrating their anniversary this month, HAPPY ANNYVERSARY!! Hope your site will still go on and on forever!

Okay, enough talking, let's move on with the freebies!

2pmm.png (770 KB) ftisland.png (859 KB) dbsk1.png (1.3 MB)

2pmie.png (620 KB) tmax.png (882 KB)
I'm using T-Max wallies for my PC right now *wink*

And for this edition's SITE PROMOTION, let's give a big round applause to WTPHO!! The site is lead by Jenalyn and they just celebrated their 1st Month Anniversary on 4h of July. They're still new but already have things coming up such as Challenges and Good Stuff and also Hall of Fame for Winners of the Challenges. And the best thing that caught my eyes when I came to the site is its Navigation area..see there? GDragon!!! hahaha... *fangirl mode* They offer graphic, trailer and review service for fanfic writers out there, and you can also request for icons there. And they also have promo trailer to promote their site!

Their promotional video

A little look on their layout


Enjoy your days ahead!

{Icon by Teriyaki18 @ HYORI'S BENCH}

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