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Hello people!!! check this out!!! Can you see which one is yours?? Hahaha..I know you've waited for so long for your requested layout. Thanks for your cheers and jia yous, I finally finished working on the layout and now I'm working on the coding.. For the record, I spent 4 hours ++ to finish making 27 layouts. What you see above is only part of it. Hahaha..Excited? Please pray that I can finish it by this week and Dorkistic have so many updates to be done! go many good news and new affies.. check us out very soon!


DATE: 6/24/2009 COMMENTS:
I can't find mines O_O i need to see my doctor again to change my glasses, unnie! D:
Yay, layouts ^^
Hope you're better... u are, right? o_O


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