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Hey hey people! Chazzie is back. I'm glad that people are uploading their layout, and I just can't wait for the other requests to be finished. Looks like people are requesting LJ Layout from me as well..huha~Well, I can make you the layout, but I don't think I can really help you in uploading it coz I myself not really good @ LJ *stares at Jae* Anyway, just a short update.. NANA is on hiatus so if you request from her, she might reply you a little late. J-Pop lovers, you can still request from her but yeah..I think she will accept your request but she'll do it a little late.. Annddd... just a random freebies for you guys. I just wanna show you old blinkies that I found in the PC while "updating and cleaning out" the folders. They're simple blinkies I made sometimes ago (I guess, lah). If you think you wanna use it, go on.. hahhaa..it's so noobish! I think I made this when I tried making blinkies for my sister's ...hahaha

anddd....*drul rolls* let's welcome our new affies!!!! huha~ I think we have so many affies now and I need to update our affies section. I'm happy to have you guys!! and don't forget tospam our cbox aite?? *wink*

* looks like i need to have "special tutorial" with Pynkfaery on making animated graphics!
* Taemin icon by Chazzie!

DATE: 6/29/2009 COMMENTS:

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