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Chazzie is back!

Hello people! I'm back! but then, I have a very bad fever. huhuhu...i even being quarantined for 15 minutes at the airport because my body temperature is too high. You know that they will "scan" out body to check our temperature? and if it's high ,our body will be green, and if we're normal, it will be yellow in colour..Actually people coming from Indonesia won't be quarantined, but the nurse is "too kind" that she touched my hand and said to her leader "but sir, her temperature seems very high" so they send me to the quarantine room..but it's nothing to be worried. they checked me like and said that it's just a normal fever, and reminded me to see a doctor once I go home. The whole family is dead worried because I haven't come out from the arrival gate yet and they waited for almost an hour! huha~ mianhe yeorobun..!

I'm kinda SHOCKED to see 34 requests and so many comments at the cbox. Well, I'll get back to you soon..I'm not fully recovered yet. I'm gonna check my email if there's any request there too...I'll accept all request and yeah, if you want to request, go on..hahaha..I'll do them one by one. and if you're requesting wallpapers, they will usually go to Nana or Pynkfaery ^^

thanks to nana for helping me replying messages at cbox! saranghae!

DATE: 6/12/2009 COMMENTS:
u did not eat any meds eh during ur stay there?? or u miss ida? she got sick jz after u fly to indonesia n still not feeling b8er T_T

and i got infected by her ngehh3
omg... hope you're okay now O_O
take care, kid!!! ^^
♥ 나나 ♥ - err..i did took some meds, but from cough, it's getting worst and turn into fever...huha~ hope wahida is getting better now..huhu..esok dah start skolah T___T

Debbie - *bis hug* thanks dear!
awh. ur okay, now, right? ^^;
i was worried that u might get swine flu lol but thankfully it's not.

u went to indo?? wah... was it for vacation or do u live there?
jen ~ yeah..thank God it's not swine flu...my grandmother is from indonesia..so i followed her to ino visiting her relatives.. ^^

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