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Hello everyone! how'z your weekend? enjoying it? nah... me not T____T. Why? because I have to attend school program. yeah, it's so unfair! it's teacher's day and we, teachers have to work! hahaha.. never mind, I'm enjoying it tho'. And on Sunday, I have to finish all 10 request of blogskin and I'm glad to tell you that I'm now free for request ^^ I've opened a new request page and you're welcome to request anything you like! mwahahaha... chazzie is being so random because she's so excited. she has finished all requests. And I'd like to welcome our affies! click the link button below and if you go visit them, send my love and hugs yeah? And oh, thanks to those who wished me Happy Teacher's Day. I totally appreciate it ^^ {icon from Teri @ Hyori's Bench}



Mystery-cious is one of the newly opened website, where you can request for poster, review and also trailer. They have a bunch of great staff and they're friendly too. If you need any graphic for your fanfic, and if you're a designer, you can apply to be graphic designers there too..go visit them ^^

Want to see your site being promoted here? Well, request layout from us! this is our "freebies" for those who requested from us. We will choose one site that requested layout from us, and we'll promote them here in our updates. One site per update. So..what are you waiting for? get requested!

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