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Hello people! I miss you guys!!!! hahaha... excuse Chazz for being random. She's so busy that she can't think straight at the moment. So..liked our CHANGMIN'S B-DAY SPECIAL?? heh, sorry for being biased but me and Nana loves Changmin to bits that we spent hours to make the wallpapers..hahaha..we even used them as our personal wallpaper. Again, I'd like to seek apologies to all of you who requested that I took pretty long time to finish your stuffs. Anyway, here's the latest request list. Please check if you requested but your name is not there:

Okay, if your name is not there, please let me know @ the CBOX. And thank you for those who sent us V-Day gifts..You guys are very nice! and it cheer up our tiresome days during the Co-Cu Week..

And let's give a warm welcome to our new affy : FAIRY @ VIDEOSTRIP!

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