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Crazy Week ^^

Hi....this is us, the designers (Chazz, Nana, Pynkfaery and Azuwachan). Just to say that we're in the middle of big programme. All of us are involved in CO-CU WEEK in our Uni and we're really busy even to hit the keyboard and update. For those who requested, please give us until next week, as your requests are all done, but we got no time to upload them. And those who're requesting to be affies, we'll add you in our next update, with our whole new look again. And yeah, Chazzie is just HALF-DEAD that she haven't touch Photoshop for almost a wekk! that's the longest she ever lived without photoshop, and Internet. Maybe we can upload our photos of our crazy weeks later on. Those who are studying in IIUM can support us by visiting ANGKLUNG CLUB at Booth number 17 and watch us playing (or just laughing at the half-dead Chazz). See you again very soon!


*lots of smiles from us XD


DATE: 2/13/2009 COMMENTS:

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