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Hello people! This is Chazz. Oh well, I'm sorry, I don't have any freebies for you guys.. Are you enjoying the GIFs so far? Well, I hope you like the GIFs made by Dorkistic designers and don't forget to credit us if you use them either on your blog or in the forum. It's is important because the designers are putting their love and effort in making those freebies for you guys. And as for us, we will keep on updating our credit page. Yeah, we will credit any images/textures/resources that we use and if your resources are here but haven't been credited, please inform us.
And today, I am accepting several requests again from our REQUEST page and also email. Overall, we have around 12 requests. So, I hope those who request from us can wait for a while until we finish your requests. We just started our new semester in college so there are loadsa things for us to handle.

---» BLOGSKIN REQUEST is closed until further notice.
---» HEADER/WALLPAPER/ICON request is open.

We are making a "Request Privilege Card". Which means, those who have requested from us will receive a card. It is to track/record you guys and when you request again next time, you will receive special gift alongside your request. So, get requested people!

Mode: In love with SNSD's "GEE"

DATE: 1/08/2009 COMMENTS:

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