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Hi people! Enjoying your new year celebration eh? Well, me, Nana and Azuwachan and some other girls from IIUM Angklung Group went out today and had fun at the arcade. We had drum battle, and tried the "dance revolution" machine. Believe me, that's our first time trying and now my legs are hurting! huha~ Pynkfaery, you should join the club soon and we can hang out often! hahaha.. okay..off topic. Anyway, today I'm gonna update 2 icon patches. One by me, and the other one by Nana. Well, as I said before, Nana is making many freebies for you guys, so I'' give the space for her to update and upload her stuffs here. Okay, stop talking, here's the patches:

Chazzie's icon featuring SMASH ^^

random_patch.png (367 KB)
*click the image to enlarge*

And thanks for the gifts from our affies, Shattered Tears, Eugene and Angelina... they're just adorable!! kyaa...!!

And with the patch, I also provide here our first tutorial @ Dorkistic which is How to extract from iconpatch It's easy and fast.. now everyone can get our icons ^^ lol.. CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL

DATE: 1/02/2009 COMMENTS:
sy salu ketinggalan~ hoho.

owh, so all 3 of you play angklung?
ala..ketinggalan apa nye??xdla...
yep. all three of us knal kat angklung group..apa lgi, nnti kl ada bukak new mmbership apply tau..hehhh...mari memeriahkan angklung group!!

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