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Manic Monday

Good morning haseyo people! Hohoho... it's Monday and class has started here in IIUM. However, since I only have 1 subject left, my class will be on Tuesday and Thursday. Anyway, no freebies for today, but I just have a little announcement for everyone.

For those who requested, I hope you can wait for a while before I send your requested graphics. I'll be back home this weekend to get my PC, and after that I'll email your stuffs. To make up the lateness, you'll get extra graphics from me ^^

For those who wants to request, make sure to provide your website/blog/myspace URL. it's part of the rule, and if you fail to do so, I'm afraid that I have to reject your request.

Designers, we gonna have a mass meeting later around this week..hope you're not too busy.. ^^

DATE: 12/22/2008 COMMENTS:
22 December's article talks about Younha's Korean TV Broadcasting (I don't know how can I name it xD). In "Japan Wave", Younha talks about Jpop charts every month.

And the first news of the version talks about the new layout, and a broadcasting where Younha is, that will be on air 24 December. So we can hope for a Christmas song :))

And Younha appeared in "Scenes of life", a Korean emission, where she was in a reptile breeding.

(I hope that you'll understand all I wrote xD)

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