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I've been TAG~

List 5 things you are proud of this year with the reason and tag 5 other persons!

1. Learning PS skills

I started using Photoshop CS2 this year, 8 months ago. I still remember when I was in my first year, I bumped into Chazzie’s blog, and saw her great layout done with Photoshop, and I thought it would be really nice if I can do the same thing. So I get my laptop installed with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and started learning on my own from online tutorials, and thanx to Sis Mady, too [for teaching me some of her knowledge on Photoshop]. From a girl who knows nothing about graphic design, I’m making graphics every single day now. I’m proud of it ^^.

2. My Pointer

My last final examination was so terrible and tiring, but looking at the results, I can smile widely! My pointer is improving from one semester to another and this semester, a BIG time improvement, and I’m so proud XD!

3. Chosen as a designer at DD

Seriously, I am happy and proud being chosen by Chazzie to be Dorkistic Design’s co-designer. When she said some of the designers quit, to move on their own, I feel sorry for her. Kak Fairuz, I will stay with DD, with you as long as I can! [It’s a promise ^^]

4. CSD Bulletin

I designed the layout for CSD Bulletin, the second issue. That is the first time I work with Photoshop, and Mic. Office Publisher as well.

5. A SHINee fan

Honestly, I’m proud being their fan, their noona!
I’ll keep living in the SHINee World ^^!

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5 people to tag :

1. Comma K.

DATE: 12/30/2008 COMMENTS:
hehehe, pointer naek eh??? samela kite, tp x dean's! :(

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