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Chillin' Out Everyone?

How are you dear beloved visitors! I'm still in my vacation, and I took a little time borrowing my cousin's laptop and try to update. Hehe.. looks like other designers are enjoying their one month vacation as well eh?? Thanks for those who still requesting during this festive season.. so, enjoying your vacation? I've been watching so many KBS shows (especially Music Bank and Star Golden Bell) and HBO movies..hahaha. I'm gaining more weight!! kyaa!!!

Okay, here's the freebies. you know how hard for me to make glitters, and I only make glitters on special occasions..so yeah, hope you love it ^^

December's Special

And we got several new affies and they're totally awesome! go check them out yeah?

---» Something-Fancy
---» Jumping Nutz
---» Coco @ FahrenheitX
---» /moonlight Mysteries

Talk you guy soon! Take care...

DATE: 12/14/2008 COMMENTS:
Wow. It's soo cute. I love SUJU^^...

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