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Hi beloved visitors..Chazzie here! As promised, DORKISTIC DESIGN is back with the 5th revamp! I hope you like our new layout, and we hope that you guys are happy with our services provided since our last revamp. So, what's new with this revamp? We have 3 new designers! which means MORE FREEBIES COMING YOUR WAY! hahaha.. College is so demanding which means I have to "cut" down my freebies into wallpapers and blogskins only, and after a few thought and discussion, I decided to invite my friends to join Dorkistic Design. Yep, they are all my friends. I've seen their progress in graphic designing skills, and that's why I'm proud to have them in the team. You can check their profile in DESIGNERS section.

It's November now and soon, December is coming..it's CHRISTMAS! Yay! As usual, during Christmas, many people come and request for Xmas-themed wallpapers, layouts, B-sets, and blogskins. So, if you want to request XMAS THEMED graphics, maybe you'd like to request it early so that we can finish it on time ^^

Okay, to celebrate the new revamp, we got 4 wallpapers featuring 2PM and BIG BANG. They are quire new in our freebies list but you will expect more graphics featuring them after this *wink* Feel free to use them on your desktop ^^

bigbang2.png (629 KB) bigbang.png (1.2 MB)

2pm2.png (690 KB) 2pm.png (674 KB)

And last but not least, we have 3 new affiliates..Do visit them and say hello to them for me *lol*


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