Welcome to Dorkistic.Net, a website which provides you with free high quality layouts, graphics and resources. Established since 2006, we are focusing on making graphics and providing you with the latest concerts and events held in Malaysia and nearby countries, bringing you the exclusive coverage and also photos from the events.
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  1. All graphics/content/designs are copyrighted to Dorkistic Design unless stated.
  2. Do not steal the graphics/layout/coding. Do ask if you take anything.
  3. While ordering, make sure you send all important information:

Name :
Email :
Website URL :
Celebs : who you want to have on the graphic. It can be anyone, from Asian Idols (Super Junior, Lollipop, TVXQ), Movie/TV Stars (Hayden Christensen, Eva Longoria, Tom Welling), Disney Stars (Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Jonas Brothers). You name it!
Type of Request : Wallpaper/myspace layout/ etc...
Colour :
Writings : Anything you want me to write on the graphics?
More Information : any additional info or whatever you want to remind me about your order, do tell me.

Make sure you put our link on your page either BEFORE or AFTER your graphic is done.
Be nice to the designers and also to other visitors. I hope I can be more friendly to all of you and we can be friends =)
It's okay if you wanna ask the progress of your request, but DO NOT spam my cbox with the same message 4 times in a row.

.:: according to Dorkistic Design ::.

1 - Send email to pynkfaery@yahoo.com with the subject [DORKISTIC REQUEST]
2 - Do a quick request* at the CBOX.
3 - Click COMMENT below.

* quick request means your request will be open to others to use as well. People usually quick request for contact table, icons and banners. If you want a personal request, do email me.

  • I'll check my inbox and blog once a day to check if there is any request.
  • Once I received your request, I'll reply your email/message informing that I received your request.
  • Do give me some times to finish the request. [one or two days, depend on the type of graphic requested]
  • If I can’t finish your request on time due to personal matters, I’ll inform you so that you know.
  • Once the design is ready, I'll upload it at Dorkistic Design, and I will inform you via mail as well.
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