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Pick ups and Special!

Ahneyong haseyo our beloved visitors! First and foremost, please forgive us for being so busy that we neglected Dorkistic for a while. We received around 8 blogskins request and some other requests as well, so it took us for a while to get everything done especially the codings. Before we go on with the pick ups.. WE GOT A NEW LAYOUT!. Oh well, it's not new..I just changed the header into non other than Dong Bang Shin Ki! Oh yeah...everyone loves them aite! During this long vacation, I've been watching a lot of TVXQ because one of my sister is an ultimate Cassiopeia! hahaha...I hope you guys like it as much as I did. It's simple but I love this picture very much.

Okay, move on with pickup, as usual, I already emailed you about the pick up and all you have to do is just click on your name, download the code, and paste it in your blogger template. If you need any assistance, feel free to comment this post. Our designers are always here to assist you ^^

JOLENE - Yunho blogskin
TASYA - u-know + yesung + kibum blogskin
ALYN - Top blogskin
ZHAN YING - DBSK + SJ Blogskin
NANAE - Jaejoong + Yalun + Donghae Blogskin
NONA - Yoochun + Junki + Jonghyun + Eeteuk Blogskin
TERI - Feisty Princess layout

Plus, along with our TVXQ layout, we are proud to present you : DORKISTIC'S CASSIOPEIA BLOGSKIN SPECIAL! Yep! We have 5 TVXQ blogskins you can choose from..they are all with same colour and style, but what makes each of it different is the header. You can choose your favourite TVXQ member to feature on your blogskin. Click your fave members to preview and download the blogskin.

And last but not least, this is our current status. I'll be away from 4th until 20th December for a family visit to Brunei. You can still send in your request, but I'll finish them after 20th of December. But don't worry, we still have 2 available designers for you to choose from which are Nana and Azuwachan. Click their names to visit their page and request from them.

Thanks to our affy, FIZA for this cute gift ^^

Those who are in vacation, happy holiday! and I hope everyone is having a nice day ahead.. see you guys soon!

DATE: 11/29/2008 COMMENTS:

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