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Super Junior Quiz

Hi everyone? how are you guys? I'm sorry for leaving you guys alone in this blog..I've been very busy finishing request and also crazy college life. It has been a week that I'm down with fever, cough and flu +_____+ I hope you guys will take care of your health.. Anyway, while waiting for me to get things done and upload all graphics here, I found this quiz from Colour My World and decided to answer it.. so Super Junior fans out there let's answer the quiz and share with us ^^

Super Junior Quiz:
1. Favorite member: Hangeng
2. (BE HONEST) Yes or no...I memorized all thirteen members' names: Yes
3. Only 13 or ILoveHenryandZhouMi: I LOVE HENRY AND ZHOU MI!!!!!!!!!
4. How many pictures do you have of SuJu (you dont have to be exact): not sure, more than 2gb in a folder named SUPER JUNIOR
5. Have you ever switched favorite members? (be specific who): Used to like Heechul the first week I know SJ but then changed to Hangeng
6. Cutest member: Henry ^^
7. Hottest member: Siwon
(For eight they all need to be different...I know it's hard, but only one!)
8a. Member you would like to marry: Donghae
8b. Member you would like to date: ZhouMi
8c. Member you would like as a best friend: Hangeng
8d. Nember you would like as a pet & what animal: Hamster Henry!
9. Prettiest member: Sungmin
10. Best singer: Kyuhyun
11. Member you think deserves more love than they get: Yesung
12. Member you think is most like yourself: Ryeowook
13. Member you find yourself jealous of all the time and why: Ryeowook because he's very good at piano
14. Best-dressed member: Siwon
15. Funniest member: Hyukjae
16. Weirdest couple (between the members): Yesung Kangin
17. OTP (between the members): Eunhae

DATE: 10/07/2008 COMMENTS:
xDD My favorites are Eunhyuk and Ryeowook, but my first passion was Heechul and HanGeng. Sometimes I forget that I like Hyukkie and Wookie and droll *a little bit xP* in Heechul oppa, omo, he's so...
Cahem.. he has beautiful lips *dies*
And yay, you like Cri-Kee and Mushu [Henry and Zhou mi], xP *-* They're so cute, I love too ^^

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